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Green Parrot

"WWF - Green Parrot (Norfolk Island, 1987)"

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Does not exist in any catalog!

(if you do, please let us know)

Stamps of Indonesia :
Rice and Cotton, 2,5c - 1951 with shifted perforation.
We believed that the stamp is only ONE pane - and we HAVE one-third of it.

at price USD 1,500.00

This one should be on your catalog! But it's also RARE.

Postage Due 1978 which overprinted "BAYAR PORTO" on the musical instrument series (1967)
perforated 12 1/2 x 12
Based on 39 th Sonnebloem BV (Netherlands) Catalog, 1997

No. Cat.DescriptionPrice (USD)/pair
Normal Printed
73+75A40r + 125r on 12r (purple) - SETENANT


74+76A65r + 150r on 25r (redbrown - 568) - SETENANT


No. Cat.DescriptionPrice (USD)/pair
Upside down Overprinted
73+75B40r + 125r on 12r (purple) - SETENANT


74+76B65r + 150r on 25r (redbrown - 568) - SETENANT


Both are available on a full pane of 100 stamps (50 setenant series )
(Sold only in whole pane)

For Sale

Limited Edition Gold Stamp of Mrs. Hj. Siti Hartinah Soeharto (the Replica)

only at USD 300.00 (limited quantity)

For Sale

WWF Series - Green Parrot (Norfolk Island, 1987)

Click the image to see the full Four Sets of Block of Four!!

For Sale

Cultural Revolution of PRC - W5

Only for USD 650,- and get W15 as BONUS

Click this image to view the complete sets and conditions

This page is still under construction for online ordering.
Check again next week.

Last update : September 23, 1997

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